Industry Experience + Recruiting Experience = Market Expertise

Quite simply, there are not many recruiting firms like CSearchGroup. We have both sides of the experience equation covered for you. Most recruiters have learned the business through trial and error. That is, they start out as recruiters and learn about the industry on the fly. They have not been “in the business” like CSearchGroup; we have worked with IVD Industry Executives, CEO's of Hospitals, Laboratory Directors and Clinicians who order testing, participated in product and molecular diagnostic assay launches, developed marketing programs for sales teams, “carried the bag”, hired team members through leadership capacity and then, stood the test of time in the recruiting industry. In addition to 17+ years in the lab testing industry, we have recruited specifically in this segment for 15+ years. These two sides to our experience equation enable us to be one of the best in the industry at finding the talent you need.

We have dedicated our careers to this market.